My Christmas List Now Complete

Scientists have come up with an invisibility cloak. Well, sort of, anyway. I still want one.


More Videos! Special One Time Only Display!

Okay, here's some more dumb shit I did in high school. For a Government project, we had to re-enact an important Supreme Court case. My group chose Tinker v. Des Moines, and as you will see, our re-enactment was painstakingly accurate. There are three separate videos: Parts 1 and 2 (YouTube's 10 minute length maximum required me to split it) as well as a blooper reel. Enjoy.


Torre Fired, to be replaced by Piniella

According to the New York Daily News (via ESPN), Joe Torre will be fired and replaced by Lou Piniella. I don't see this working out to well. Joe Torre does a wonderful job dealing with both the massive egos in the Yankee clubhouse as well as the New York media; his biggest asset seems to be patience. Patience has never been one of Piniella's hallmarks. I honestly cannot see Piniella surviving the year in New York. I just think his temper will cause enough of a problem at some point that Steinbrenner will have no choice but to fire him.