Henson cut by Cowboys; Romo QB of the future?

In a rather surprising move, Cowboys coach Bill Parcells informed reporters today that Drew Henson will not be on the roster this year. This move signals two things:

1. Drew Henson's NFL career is likely over; at the very least, he will never be a starter

2. The Cowboys are committed to Tony Romo as the quarterback of the future.

Lately, there has been discussion of a possible QB controversy in Dallas between Romo and Drew Bledsoe. Quite frankly, this is ridiculous. Parcells tends to prefer veterans, especially "his guys", and Bledsoe falls into both categories. Barring injury, Drew Bledsoe will start all 16 regular-season games and the playoffs. However, the Cowboys clearly need to start grooming a quarterback for the future, as Bledsoe has three years max left in the tank. Cutting Henson clearly indicates that the Cowboys will sink or swim with Romo. This preseason has shown that, as Romo has played 6 out of a possible 8 quarters so far, with all indications that he will see even more action. Remember, Romo has yet to throw a regular-season pass, so the Cowboys need to know what he can do. We know what Bledsoe can do and that he knows the system, so he doesn't need extensive preseason work. Romo does so the Cowboys and their fans (myself included) can know what the future holds at quarterback for our team.


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