Odds and Ends

  • Jacques Villeneuve says he would consider racing in NASCAR if he can't get an F1 contract for next year. Does he really think he could get even a part-time Busch series ride? 35-year-olds with no stock car experience aren't exactly in high demand, even former Indy 500, CART, and F1 champions. The best he can realistically hope for is to be a road course ringer and maybe a couple of other races.

  • Chris Pronger, after requesting a trade from the Edmonton Oilers for "personal reasons" has finally been traded to Anaheim, in a trade that works out well for both teams. Edmonton gets a great young player in Joffrey Lupul (with the added bonus that he's an Edmonton native, so he's probably happy to play there), along with a defensive prospect and draft picks. Meanwhile, Anaheim now has perhaps the two best defensemen in the league with Pronger and Scott Niedermayer, which may well render them Stanley Cup favorites for next year. Of course, given the potential real reason Pronger wanted out, is Anaheim the best destination? I could be wrong, having been to neither city, but I imagine that Anaheim has better-looking female reporters than Edmonton; at the very least, the weather would seem to allow for better display of the available talent. Hopefully, for the Ducks' sake (as well for his own domestic well-being), I would hope Pronger doesn't make impregnating female reporters a habit, or he won't be in Southern California for long.