Organizational Notes

This will likely be my last post for about a week, as I am taking a much-undeserved beach vacation. Yay. Anyway, after I get back, I hope to update the blog more often, hopefully at least daily, have it be a daily destination for all of you loyal readers. But we'll see.

By the way, for those of you wondering where the name of my blog came from, just refer to the 12th line of these lyrics. Enjoy, and see you in a week or so.


Video Extravaganza Returns

Another Tuesday, another YouTube video day. And, again, two videos, although neither one, this week, features me. This first video is David Coulthard screwing up his pit entry at the 1995 Australian Grand Prix. The second is some fan at a Cardinals game who dances worse than me and Taylor Hicks combined.

American Idol Live Blog Returns!

Making its glorious return after a two-week absence is my American Idol running diary. Let the celebration begin! Thank you, thank you very much; yes, it's Elvis week. Let's just hope that there isn't a non-Elvis portion, just so no one sings the God-awful "Streets of Memphis" as some sort of tribute.

8:03: Priscilla says "Idol" would be one of Elvis' favorite shows; I definitely don't think he would shoot out the TV if it came on.

Taylor Hicks (1): He says he's gonna have fun. Oh, boy, he can really show his moves. I can't dance, can't tell if dancing is good or bad, but even I know that he can't dance. This night should be right up his alley, as he's the only one who sounds enough like Elvis to pull it off.

Aside from his epileptic seizure, I think he pulled it out. It was energetic and got the crowd into it, which seems good. I can see where Simon is coming from with saying it came off as a bad impersonation. I really enjoyed him telling Paula to shut up; I feel the same way, Simon.

Chris Daughtry (1): Why would a fag like Ryan be bothered by Chris' underwear. (I'm going straight to hell.) "Suspicious Minds": my favorite Elvis song, and I think Chris could pull it off. Let's see.

A nice, solid performance, but nothing spectacular; I still enjoyed it; the judges will be slobbering all over him, because he is the one that they want to win, and has been all season. Paula, don't ever go out into the rain; saccharine dissolves easily in water.

Elliot Yamin (1): I'll be honest, I'm surprised he's still here, because I just think he's so forgettable. Unless he blows everyone away tonight, he'll be gone.

Not nearly good enough for this stage in the competition. This is a typical Elliot performance for me: nice, but not great, and I'll forget about it in five minutes. The judges will probably love it, because they like Elliot, but I just don't get it. Sorry.

Katharine McPhee (1):
Hmmmmmmmm, a medley; should be interesting. Of course, you know by now I like her, so it'll be hard for me not to like her performance.

Pretty good; I'd rate it as the best so far, but, again, I am somewhat biased. Paula noted the choreography, which is all that she should be allowed to judge; when she had a career before this, she wasn't known as a vocal powerhouse, but a dancer.

Taylor Hicks (2):
Taylor and Lisa Marie; can't quite see that. Taylor with a "soulful" number: in the ghetto. I'm not sure if Taylor can bring the gravitas that this song requires. No dancing, which may hurt him.

I didn't like the arrangement: it was a little too peppy for the song, at least for me. But his vocal is good, which is what counts. As for my concern: he brought the appropriate gravitas, but whoever did the arrangement didn't.

Chris Daughtry (2):
A nice rocker for Chris. He should knock this one out of the park. I'll be surprised if he doesn't. I agree with Tommy Mottola: he should rise to the occasion.

One of his best performances so far. This performance just exemplifies why he is the best singer this season.

Elliot Yamin (2):
His second song, which raises a question: Wait, he already sang? Sorry, he's just so forgettable to me. I am still a little surprised he made it this far.

Another subpar performance from him. He's gone. His voice is just not powerful enough to pull off Elvis songs, and it's going to cost him tonight; both of his songs sounded weak to me.

Katharine McPhee (2):
A slow love song, which should lend itself well to her voice.

They saved the best for last. An awesome performance. It did lend itself well to her voice. I guess not, because I'm watching it with my sisters and mom, and they hated it.

I say that Elliot is gone.


I Have No Words

I clicked play on this video, then was unable to turn away. Wow, and not in a good way (I don't think).


Video Extravaganza

Today, the first installment in what may or may not become a regular feature here: YouTube videos. YouTube, in case you have yet to discover it, is an excellent website and time-waster. The first video is Jim Mora's excellent "Playoffs?! P-playoffs?!" rant from a few years back. The second one is a video a group of friends and I made for English class my senior year that I uploaded; we were supposed to do commercial, which somehow tied into persuasive writing. We decided to do an over-the-top ambulance-chasing lawyer, and I rather liked how it turned out.