Revisiting My Playoff Predictions

Okay, now that all the series have gone at least four games, let's revisit my predictions and marvel at my stupidity.

Red Wings/Oilers

My prediction: Red Wings in 5
Currently: Oilers lead 3-2

Ok, I clearly misunderestimated the Oilers, as President Bush might say. Basically, Roloson has stood on his head and outperformed what he had done down the stretch. Also, it turns out playing in a division with Chicago, Columbus, and St. Louis may not have been the best playoff preparation for the Wings.

My prediction: Stars in 5
Currently: Avalanche lead 3-1

I had forgotten that Marty Turco has a less than stellar playoff record, and overlooked that much of Dallas's regular season success was due to the shootout. Still, they've been close; all four games could have gone either way.

Flames/Mighty Ducks
My prediction: Mighty Ducks in 7
Currently: tied 2-2; Flames lead 2-0 in 1st period of game 5

Other than underestimating Calgary's offense, I was rather accurate. I thought this one would be close, and I've been proven right so far.

My prediction: Sharks in 4
Currently: Sharks lead 3-1

So Chris Mason stole Game 1; that's the only thing keeping this series from going exactly as I predicted. Still, I feel somewhat vindicated. Nashville, much like Detroit, appears to have been hurt by playing in the Central Division, with Chicago, Columbus, and St. Louis. I think that it is worth noting that all four lower seeds in the West (Oilers, Avs, Ducks, and Sharks) could all wind up winning. Has that ever happened before? I doubt it. Yes, San Jose was my pick to win the West; I stand by that.

My Prediction: Senators in 6
Currently: Senators won 4-1

Basically, the Lightning suffered from horrible goaltending; unfortunate for them, but it led to the soundbite of the playoffs, John Tortorella's rant after game 4. "A save would be nice," might be the quote of the year. That's about the only highlight I can think of, though.

My prediction: Canadiens in 7
Currently: tied 2-2

The Canadiens looked so good in the first two games. Then Saku Koivu went down, and the Canadiens have not looked quite so good. On the bright side, Justin Williams (who has gotten away with two blatant high-sticks, including the one that knocked Koivu out) has replaced Sean Avery as my least-favorite hockey player. I'm not sure that Montreal can win without Koivu, but it looks like they'll have to.

My prediction: Devils in 6
Currently: Devils won 4-0

The hot team (the Devils, riding an 11-game winning streak into the playoffs) beat the cold team (the Rangers) who happened to lose their best player (Jagr) late in Game 2. The Rangers weren't going to win the series, but a healthy Jagr could have allowed them to win one game. I'm still confident in the Devils as my East pick, but I'd pick them to win the Cup right now over San Jose.

My prediction: Flyers in 7
Currently: tied 2-2

Much like Flames/Ducks, this has gone pretty much as I anticipated. Game 1 was great; that first overtime period is the greatest period of hockey I have ever seen. I can't show you the whole period, but I can show you the highlight: an absolutely brutal (but completely clean) hit that Buffalo's Brian Campbell laid on Philadelphia's R.J. Umberger.

My East picks have been much more accurate than my West picks. Hmmmm. I guess that's because I watched much more Eastern games this year. Oh well; at least my Stanley Cup pick still looks good.


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