Dallas Cowboys Draft: Day 1

The Dallas Cowboys had only two picks today. One was a good pick, the other was not. Their first-round pick, Ohio State LB Bobby Carpenter, is one I like. While linebacker was not the Cowboys' most pressing need, he was probably the best player available, and LB was enough of a need that it is not totally ridiculous for the Cowboys to draft a LB in that spot. Plus, Carpenter's dad used to play for Parcells, so he has some idea of how to deal with Parcells, and that's a plus.

But I don't get the second-round pick, Notre Dame TE Anthony Fasano. He's a nice, solid, pass-catching tight end. My problem with this pick is that the Cowboys already have Jason Witten, who is not only a pass-catching tight end, but a top 5 pass-catching tight end in the league. In fact, you could make a case that tight end is the one position on the Cowboys roster in the best shape; why spend your second pick on a player who does not feel a pressing need when the offensive line is in desparate need of attention; I would have liked for the first-rounder to be spent on an offensive lineman, but the second-round pick absolutely needed to be spent on offensive line help. Parcells blew it here (or maybe Jerry Jones; I don't know which one is actually making the decisions.)


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